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Who We Are

FeCuNi symbolises as "The Innovative Shapers of Decorative Metals".

A quality class in itself, FeCuNi is more than just Design and Shaping, it is rather an Innovation Metal Boutique, where Creativity meets Design and in turn the Design leads the decorative metals to reform in innovative shapes that suit your requirements.

We are a team of highly dedicated and creatively crazy minded guys and gals working towards modernising and simplifying lifestyle aspects as well as providing superior quality products & solutions to our customers.

We truly believe in the transformative power of illustrious design and the ability to simplify our customer's requirements, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere with our decorative metal designing solutions.

What We Do

At FeCuNi, We Stock Decorative Metals & Also Provide Customized Solution for Decorative Metals as a part of Our Services