Product Information
CategoryFlat (Strip) Bar
Surface Finish Brushed

Process Information
Unfinished Bars
(Raw Material)
To make decorative Brass Ti-Gold Brushed Finish Flat (Strip) Bar, We use high quality Cold Rolled SS tubes from India & neighbouring countries.
PolishingThese Tubes are Polished on Sophisticated Polishing Machines to give an excellent Ti-Gold Brushed Surface Finish.
ColouringUsing PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) Technology, these tubes are kept for sufficient time in the PVD Chamber to get desired Ti-Gold Brushed Finish Flat (Strip) Bar.
To protect the Tube's Finished Surface while handling & transportation, we use Polythene Bags/Rolls.

Surface Finish Material Sizes
Thickness Length
Brushed Brass 6.35 mm
7.93 mm
9.52 mm
12.7 mm
15.88 mm
19.05 mm
25.4 mm
31.75 mm
38.1 mm
44.45 mm
50.8 mm
1.5875 mm
2.38125 mm
3.175 mm
4.7625 mm
6.35 mm
7.9375 mm
9.525 mm
12.7 mm
2438 mm, 3048 mm