At FeCuNi, We are well proficient in Custom Made Designer Balustrades & Handrails as per the design requirement.

We are diversely specialised & love working for highly critical & Designer Balustrades & Handrail Systems including Spiral Handrails.

May it be a Staircase Handrail, Swimming Pool Handrail, Handrails for Hospitals, Handrails for Malls or Buildings, Boats, Steamers or Cruise Ships.... FeCuNi would love to do it all.

We have highly efficient team & modern equipments to make such tailor made Balustrades & Handrails. We hold a strong grip over a vast dealers network and suppliers chain ascertaining quality provisions and an organised reach for the same.

Custom Made Designer Balustrades & Custom Made Designer Handrails
Stainless Steel Balustrades & Handrails ( SS 304, SS 304L & SS 316, SS 316L)
Copper Balustrades & Handrails
Brass Balustrades & Handrails
Cupronickel Balustrades & Handrails
Duplex Stainless Steel Balustrades & Handrails
Other Metals Railing on Demand

Custom Made Designer Balustrades are the main part of Railing Systems & can be top Mounted or Side Mounted. These SS Fittings are used to fix the railing either to base, wall or to join the Railing Pipes & Railing Bars.

Custom Made Designer Handrails are usually Wall Mounted & are used as support to pedestrians while walking or climbing the stairs.