One of our many specialities is providing Decorative Customized Architectural Copper Works and solutions.

With Expertise, FeCuNi’s Team along with Modern Machineries have a proven ability to do Copper Metal Work exactly as per the given drawings & dimensions.

We primarily focus on understanding Customer needs, defining clear requirements, and adhering to critical specifications.

We can make Customised Decorative Copper Fittings, Custom Made Copper Bending, Copper Railings and almost anything & everything in Custom Made Architectural Copper Works according to customer requirements.

Materials that we can fabricate to perfection for this Modern Decorative World with Superior Finishes:
  • Stainless Steel (304, 304L, 316 & 316L)
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Cupronickel
  • Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Corten Steel
Usually we provide Custom Made Architectural Copper Works For:
  • Private Villas & Bungalows.
  • Farm Houses.
  • Corporate Offices.
  • 5 Star & 7 Star Hotels.
  • Resorts.