Though Cupronickel is a type of alloy made from Copper & Nickel, it looks more or less like Stainless Steel.

Cupronickel Alloy is also called as Copper Nickel Alloy.

This Metal has an antimicrobial property which voids cross contamination. So it is used in many Modern Hospitals & places where Hygiene matters the most.

At FeCuNi, We do Stock Cupro nickel Railing Pipes & Bars.

These Cupro nickel Pipes & Bars are polished as per the requirements.

We also manufacture Cupronickel Railing Fittings & Other Decorative Cupronickel Fittings as per your Drawings or Samples.

We are well versed with highly efficient technicians & advanced machineries for the same. We hold a strong grip over a vast dealers network and suppliers chain ascertaining quality provisions and an organised reach for the same.

Cupronickel Railing Pipes & Accessories

Stock ItemManufacturing Items
Cupronickel PipesCupronickel Railing Fittings
Cupronickel TubesCupronickel Custom Fittings
Cupronickel BarsCustom Made Cupronickel Hardware

Cupronickel Railing Pipes & Accessories Grades:
  • Cupronickel 70:30
  • Cupronickel 90:10

Cupronickel Railing Pipes & Accessories Applications:
  • Railings For Hospitals.
  • Railings For Private Clinics.
  • Railings where hygiene is highly required.