FeCuNi stocks and supplies an excellent Surface Finish Cold Rolled Brass Flats & Bars used for Decorative Applications.

Utmost care is taken to protect the Surface Finish of these Brass Flats & Bars to maintain their Aesthetics.

Available Sizes in Decorative Brass Bars with Excellent Surface Finish
Brass BarsSize RangeLength
Brass Round Bars6mm to 50mm3600 mm
Brass Hex Bars (A/F)6mm to 50mm3600 mm
Brass Square Bars12mm to 50mm3600 mm
Brass Rectangular Bars12mm to 50mm3600 mm

Available Sizes in Decorative Brass Flats With Excellent Surface Finish
Brass FlatsWidthLengthThickness
Brass Flats with Square Edge6mm to 100mm3600 mm6mm to 16mm
Brass Flats with Round Edge6mm to 100mm3600 mm6mm to 16mm
Brass Strips / Brass Coils6mm to 100mm100 M appx.0.5mm to 1.6mm

Applications of Decorative Brass Flats & Brass Bars:
  • For Making Decorative Brass Fittings.
  • Used as a support to many Decorative Products.
  • Used as a part of Brass Railings.
  • Interior & Exterior Applications.

Value Added Services:
  • These Flat Bars can be availed cut to size as per your requirement.
  • Laser Cut or Waterjet Cut facility is Available to cut Brass Flats & Bars as per the Design.
  • Instant Offer for these products can be availed by Login on our web.